Put your money to work.

It starts with saving. Investing is the next step. Twine helps you make the jump.

Why invest now?

It’s a great time to become an investor. Gone are the days of picking stocks and hoping your portfolio makes sense. Technology has leveled the playing field.

  • Start with what you have

    With Twine, you don’t need a big paycheck or financial windfall to become an investor. Start with what you have.

  • For stuff you want soon

    Investing isn’t just for retirement. Twine helps you invest for things like your honeymoon or home down payment.

  • Sensible portfolios

    Twine’s portfolios are designed to beat the returns of your savings account while managing your risk.

What you’re investing in.

Your Twine portfolio features a diversified mix of exchange-traded funds (or ETFs for short). ETFs are baskets of investments that give you exposure to hundreds of stocks or bonds all at once. Many of the world’s best investors and top economists agree that ETFs are the right foundation for a modern, risk-adjusted portfolio.

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
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Owning stocks is owning part of a business. Your Twine portfolio includes ETFs that hold hundreds of individual stocks — including companies you know like Apple, Target and Netflix. The better these companies perform, the better chance their stock price goes up, leading to potential earnings for you. Stocks typically contribute to a bulk of your investment return over time.

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Bonds are basically giant IOUs. As an example, imagine your city wants to build a new bridge. The government “sells” bonds to raise money to pay for construction. When someone buys these bonds, they get paid back (with interest!) using money from bridge tolls. Bonds are generally less risky than stocks and help diversify your investments. Twine includes corporate and treasury Bond ETFs in most of our portfolios.

Twine is investing for the rest of us.

  • A portfolio in your pocket

    Twine is accessible on your phone or the web. Track your progress in real-time. Manage your investments from anywhere.

  • Technology with a human touch

    Twine combines smart technology with 150 years of financial expertise. Our portfolios are designed by John Hancock’s investment professionals and continuously rebalanced as you make progress.

  • Easy in, easy out

    Move money in and out of Twine anytime without fees. Schedule weekly recurring transfers to stay on track.

Simple pricing

We believe everyone should understand exactly how much it costs to invest.

Just 25 cents per month for every $500 you invest.

(Or 0.6% annually, for the mathematicians among us. More on pricing.)

That’s less than most traditional advisors and comparable to other digital investing products.

Start investing with Twine

Today is the day you become an investor.

Every Twine portfolio is designed to help new investors like you reach important life goals.

Setup a goal and start investing in minutes