Whether you’re saving or investing, studies have shown that a “set it and forget it” savings strategy is a smart approach to growing your money.

To get started, decide how much you can comfortably contribute to your goal each month.

Twine breaks that amount into predictable, bite-sized weekly transfers from your linked bank account to your Twine account.

For example, if you choose to contribute $100 per  month toward your goal, we’ll automatically move $25 weekly from your bank account and deposit it into your Twine account.

You can even pick which day of the week works best for your transfer.

This is helpful because it separates funds for your goal from your day-to-day spending money so you’re less tempted to spend it and it has the opportunity to grow faster.

You’re all set! Just like that, you’re on the road to better, smarter saving and investing.

And remember – Twine makes it easy to send money back to your bank account, skip a deposit, or edit your contributions as needed.

Put your money to work.

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