Twine is the App of the Day for a THIRD time since our launch in November 2017. We thought our second nomination was pretty cool, but three times?

You’ll have to excuse us while we try to contain our excitement.

Twine is the App of the Day

Twine is the App of the Day on Tax Day

On Tax Day*, we heard discovered that Twine was chosen as App of the Day again, which we thought was great timing.

This may cause you to wonder: “Why, Twine? You’re a savings and investing app — not a tax app.”

You’re right, but don’t forget one important detail: the tax refund you may receive after filing taxes.  

Expecting Tax Refunds

A recent Twine survey found that around 52 percent of Americans think they’ll receive a tax refund.

Among those expecting one, 65 percent anticipate a tax refund ranging in value from roughly $500 to a little over $1,999.

Whatever the monetary value your tax refund may be, it’s a great baseline to jumpstart that vacation savings goal you’ve always wanted to fulfill. Or consider investing for the first time. 

Try Twine today to determine what works best for you.

Make It Rain: Growing the Value of Your Tax Refund  

If you are still awaiting your tax refund, you have a few options to try and increase its value.   

If you have a partner, try combining your refunds to maximize the total amount.

Earn interest by creating a savings goal and funding it with your tax refund.

Or try to grow your refund by investing it in a simple portfolio.

Consider starting an emergency savings account. 40 percent of Americans have only $1,000 saved for “rainy days.” Avoid a future scenario that could put you in debt by stashing your tax refund away for emergencies.

Speaking of debt, owing money is a primary obstacle to growing your wealth. Eliminating any financial deficit will bring your one step closer to investing in your future.

Download the Twine app today to make your tax refund work even harder for you.

*NOTE: While Twine was featured as App of the Day on the original Tax Day of April 17, 2018, the IRS did extend the tax deadline to April 18 due to system issues.

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