At Twine, we believe that a big part of living a happier financial life is how you choose to collaborate with others.

That’s why the option to save up or invest towards shared goals has been a part of our DNA since day one.

Since we launched, our users have shared their stories, pain points, and dreams about what it means to include another person in your financial life.

One thing is clear – it’s complicated and always evolving.

It’s our job to help you manage that complexity.

Today, we’re rolling out a new and improved model for collaborating with other savers and investors.

Starting today, all new Twine accounts will be individual brokerage accounts – which can be linked to other individual accounts to form a joint goal.

What this will do for you:

  • More control over your money
  • Inviting another saver/investor and linking goals is much easier
  • You can start investing immediately – a partner can join when they’re ready
  • If you decide to stop collaborating, your individual contributions and earnings are accessible only to you


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