Connecting your bank account with Twine helps you put your saving and investing on autopilot.

Once you’ve set your goals and contributions, connecting to your bank account takes only a few taps. 

Select your bank from the list provided, or find it using the search function. 

Enter your login credentials, select the account you want to link with Twine, and stand by for verification.

Not seeing your institution on the list? 

We can securely link via your bank account and routing numbers. Within days, you’ll receive two small deposits (under $1 each). We’ll prompt you to verify the amounts to confirm the link.

Account Security

By the way – any information you enter or use in the app is protected and encrypted using industry-leading capabilities. We employ top security firms to conduct regular analysis of our engineering systems and have a strict security program and set of controls in place.

Cash accounts are insured by FDIC and backed by John Hancock, a company with over 150 years of financial expertise. So you can feel confident that your money is in good hands.

Confirming Your Identity

At this point, we’ll ask you to double check your personal information and enter your social security number. We’re legally required to collect this information for tax reporting but we’ll also use it to verify your identity, prevent fraudulent accounts, and keep you safe. 

Once all your information has been entered, tap “Next.” If all your information is correct, tap “Looks Good.”

Answer a few regulatory questions, tap next, and you’re ready to start saving and investing automatically.

Put your money to work.

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