She says black bears are his spirit animal. He says dolphins are hers.

Meet Twine iOS Engineer Raheel and his wife, Shanti. This is how they’re saving for their family and syncing up on their California dreams.

Twine Duos - Raheel and Shanti

How did you two meet?

RAHEEL: Through a mutual friend. We both have family in Chicago, and met there when Shanti was living in the Bay Area and I was in southern Illinois.

How long have you been together?

We got married in 2008 and just celebrated our 10-year anniversary.

What kinds of things are you good at collaborating on?

Deciding what to cook, what colors we like, design aesthetics, music, and so on: our tastes and sensibilities match quite a bit.

What kinds of things don’t you work too well together on?

We are not so good at things that involve a large variety of choice, or involve a lot of planning for something down the road.

Which one of you is the “money manager” in the relationship?

SHANTI: For the larger financial picture, we both are. For day-to-day bills, etc. I am in charge of managing them and Raheel has been handling our investments.

Would things be more effective if you were more collaborative?

We tend to procrastinate on things that don’t need immediate attention. We would both like to be better about this.

Do you have a shared bank account?

Yes, our bank account is shared. It keeps things simple.

What are your respective saving styles?

We are fairly conservative in our spending, but neither of us is great at saving and planning.

What goals are you currently saving for?

For long-term family security and a house down payment.

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