Sarah was always a good saver growing up. But it was her ninth grade Math substitute teacher that made her see there was a smarter way to save.

Meet our Twine-namic Duo: Audrea, Lead Producer at John Hancock, and Sarah, her partner in savings, as they talk life goals and spirit animals!

Twine Duos - Audrea & Sarah

How did you two meet?

We worked together at an ad agency.

How long have you been together?

About four years, married for nine months.

If you could pick your partner’s spirit animal what would it be and why?

AUDREA: Sarah would be a swan because she is strong, beautiful and fierce.

SARAH: Audrea would be a hummingbird because she has an incredible ability to enjoy the present moment and endlessly see the good and beauty in life.

What kinds of things are you good at collaborating on?

SARAH: One of the reasons why we work so well together is because we have a rhythm that allows us to be very efficient with our time.

Whether we are doing entirely different things, or sitting and doing something together, we find we work well because we are moving at the same pace and time.

Audrea may cook while I do the laundry, or she’ll walk the dog while I pay the bills. And that gives us time to sit down together and do the things we enjoy, like planning travel, reading, or volunteer work. It’s all very balanced.

What kinds of things don’t you work too well together on?

SARAH: We’re both Type A and are often particular about how we want things done, which can lead to conflicts.

Luckily, it’s typically the small stuff that irks us, such as putting things back in the “wrong” place or over-scheduling ourselves. We seem to be aligned when it comes to life’s bigger challenges.

Which one of you is the “money manager” in the relationship?

AUDREA:Sarah. She loves a good spreadsheet.

Would things be more effective if you were more collaborative?

AUDREA: There’s always room for improvement—and if we find something that can help us together, or as individuals, we’re open to learning about it.

Do you have a shared bank account?

SARAH:Yes. It streamlines paying expenses and the saving process. It’s easier to work toward joint life goals when your finances are joined as well.

What are your respective saving styles?

AUDREA: I’m much better now than I used to be. In the past, while I always had a work 401k, I wasn’t much for saving otherwise. However, that’s all changed in the last few years.

SARAH: I have always had piggy banks and a savings account. Then my ninth grade substitute math teacher suggested investing.

So the day I got my first job, I set up a plan for investing in my future. I wasn’t putting much aside initially, but it instilled in me a behavior that I could expand upon as I grew in my career.

Now I focus on long-term goals and put plans in place to reach them.

What goals are you currently saving for?

Buying a new home and a trip to New Zealand!

Save for what matters.

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