• Date night shouldn’t mean wrecking your budget
  • You can put the money you would spend on date night toward something you really care about
  • Low cost date nights mean more money in other areas of your life

Date night is a sacred night. A night to step away from work and have a good time with your boo? Yes, please.

Considering that Match.com published a study in 2018 that said the average traditional date night (dinner for two, a bottle of wine, and two movie tickets) came to $103.32, it’s worth it to anyone in the dating game to seek out more affordable date ideas. (If you live in Connecticut, you’re looking at $203.34 for date night!)

Being mindful of how much date night costs is a great way to save money for something that you really love. But if you can’t stand the idea of another night spent watching Netflix, here are some affordable date ideas to consider.

5 Free Date Night Ideas


There are countless places to volunteer your time with your partner. You can opt for an afternoon at an animal shelter, doing everything from walking the dogs to working behind the greeting counter. Food banks always need an extra hand, where you and your partner can spend a few hours cooking or organizing donated goods. 

Volunteering is a way to express a shared value in your relationship (i.e. you both care about ending homelessness), do a little good in the world, AND spend no money. 

KonMarie a room together

If you live with your boo, chances are that you’ve accumulated more stuff than you actually need. Gifts from parents, freebies from events, or purchases from Target that just never got used—it adds up after a while. 

Crack open a beer and declutter a room together. Setting aside some time to care for your home (while enjoying a drink or two) is a great way to create a space that you both enjoy being in. 

Take in a free culture night at your library

Libraries host everything from language classes to movie nights to board game nights, all for the low, low price of free. Check your local libraries event pages to find a free class for an affordable date idea. 

Visit your local bookstore and each buy a book.

Buying from a locally owned bookstore keeps money in your community and gives you the chance to get to know your partner better. Head to the store for a few hours of browsing, and then each of you can buy a book for the other to read. You’ll get to read something you never would have picked for yourself, learn a little about your boo’s tastes, and support a small business.

Hit a few open houses.

Who doesn’t love a peek into someone else’s home? Whether or not you’re actively saving for a home of your own, open houses are a fun way to spend a few hours. You can ooh and ahh over dream houses, or play critic and talk about things you’d change in the space.

Affordable Date Ideas For Less Than $50

Go to a local sports team’s game

Got a minor league baseball team in town? Non-major league games are the perfect low cost date idea, as tickets cost a fraction of major league games and are a blast to attend. You could end up watching the next MLB star before they make it big. 

Visit a pool hall

Knowing how to play pool automatically gives you cool points, and luckily, it’s cheap to learn how to do it. Pool halls charge in the $1 to $3 range for a game. You can get two drinks each and play five or six games of pool for $50. 

Save Easier, Travel More

Tour a local brewery or winery

Local breweries or wineries can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. You’ll learn details on how your favorite beverages get made, as well as the story of how the business was built. Usually there are samples throughout, and buying a few drinks at the end will definitely run you less than $50. 

Take a class together

Community centers, YMCA’s, or community colleges are all great spots to take low cost classes with your partner. There’s a class for everything: introduction to power tools, beginner cooking classes, or dance lessons. One-off classes are usually about two hours long, and normally cost anywhere from $25-$75, depending on the topic you choose.

Spend a few hours at an arcade.

Arcades are fun, admit it. Who can’t spend a few hours lost in their favorite video game? There are adult arcades that are BYOB, and some may even sell beer. $25 can transport you to your favorite childhood games, or the chance to battle each other in a new to you game.

There are endless affordable date ideas for you to spend time with your date and still save money.

If you’re really looking to step up your financial game while hanging with your crush, make sure to set aside the money you didn’t spend on date night. The money you saved by visiting open houses can be put toward your dream of a house of your own with a tool like Twine.

Put your money to work.

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