Grow your future, together.

An app for saving and investing. Built for two.

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  • First step

    Get after your goals.

    Start with something standard like a house or vacation fund, or create a custom goal.

  • Second step

    Save as a team.

    Get on the same page with a shared Twine goal. You can both contribute and track your progress.

  • Third step

    Investing for everyone.

    Invest in a portfolio or save in cash. Start with what you can. Learn as you go.

“It simplifies saving for major milestones like weddings, down payments and vacations.”
—FOX Business

Save for stuff that matters.

If you’re excited about it, we’re here for it. Save and earn toward as many goals as you can dream up.

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“Within the platform, you and your partner can set up a joint profile where you link your goal accounts and set up automatic transfers.”
—Brit + Co
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Two people. One goal.

Save up for shared goals. You can contribute separately but track your progress together.

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“The app allows you to keep it in cash for shorter-term goals. But if your goal is a little further off, you can invest the money.”
—CNN Money

Put your money to work.

Save in cash. Or invest in a portfolio with greater growth potential. Twine helps you figure out what’s right for your goal.

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Simple pricing.


Deposit and withdraw any time. No hidden fees.


Just 25¢ per month for every $500 you invest. That’s less than most advisors and on par with other digital investing products.

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