Earlier this year we started working on an ambitious new idea—not just a product but a way to help millions of people live happier lives together. We call it Twine.

What is Twine?

Twine helps anyone save and invest to live a happier life.

To achieve this – we aim to be the most human-centric savings and investment app ever built.

When you try Twine for the first time, you’ll immediately notice that it looks and feels different than most financial apps you’ve seen before. We use intuitive design and smart technology and strive to be the easiest to understand, most trusted financial advisor ever.

Today, most of us have few options for achieving our financial goals.

We’re forced to be financial experts. We wonder if we’re doing enough. It’s hard to get started and most of us save too little, too late.

The financial services industry puts complicated technology and expensive financial products first.

We’ve done the opposite. We spoke with thousands of people and developed a product that truly puts people first.

Here’s how we empower people to live happier financial lives together:

  • Better together: Many of us manage our finances together – with our partner or family. Twine works great for individuals, while helping families easily create joint goals and collaborate together.
  • All your goals in one place: Twine makes it easy to save for all of your goals in one place – each with a dedicated brokerage account and customized portfolio. You can save for everything from your emergency fund to longer-term goals all within Twine.
  • Transforming savers to investors: An estimated 30 million Americans save most of their money in checking or savings accounts. Twine is built to help anyone become an investor – we help understand your needs and goals and build customized investment portfolios suited to you.
  • Smart technology: While Twine is easy to use, it’s powerful behind the scenes. We automatically make investments and keep your portfolio rebalanced. We tap into behavioral science to make it easy and painless to save. And we’re developing machine learning algorithms and other advanced technology to help you reach your goals and stay on track.

The Spark

The Twine team is driven by a shared social mission – a belief that by empowering people to live happier lives, we strengthen the fabric of our nation.

We believe that for most of us – money is just a means to an end.

And that end is a life full of dreams, spent with family and friends. A life not spent worrying about your finances, but rather spending time and money on the things that bring you joy and meaning.

Across the United States, an estimated 73 million people report finding it ‘difficult to get by’ financially[1].

Real wages are not much higher than they were in 1989[2]. Without much financial literacy, we’re asked to understand the complexities of investing and saving on our own.

In short, we’re treated like financial experts even though most of us don’t have the time, resources – and frankly, the interest – to become financial experts. As a result, only 4 in 10 American workers feel ready for retirement[3] and 44% have less than $400 saved for emergencies[4].

We are dedicated to helping anyone live a happier financial life – regardless of income and asset levels.

Our Journey

Twine was lovingly crafted and built by a team with incredible skills and a shared passion for improving the lives of our customers.

It started a few years ago, when I teamed up with Scott Burns – a friend and grad school classmate of mine – to build a fintech company that helped financial advisors and their clients see their full financial picture and make better decisions.

We used behavioral nudges driven by machine learning behind the scenes, to give customers advice when they most needed it.

Scott Burns (left) & Uri Pomerantz (right).

As part of our work, we began seeing a major opportunity to scale this innovation direct to families across the country.

We saw the best way to achieve impact and scale was to tap into the resources and trust of an established industry leader.

We found that partner in John Hancock – a company with over 150 years of experience, millions of customers and a shared belief in the power of innovation and technology to improve lives.

Transforming our idea into a product that could improve the lives of millions would take more than strategy: we needed to build a team with the most talented people in the industry, to develop ambitious product and design concepts and bring them to life through sophisticated technology.

And that’s what we’ve done.

We’ve hired a team of the sharpest, creative and driven designers, engineers, marketers, analytics experts and other tech gurus in Silicon Valley, Boston and across the country.

There’s no shortage of fancy degrees and star-studded resumes around. What binds us together is a shared social impact mission and an unrelenting focus on speaking to our customers to build a product that makes this a reality.

Trusted and Unbiased

We are a fast-moving, independent startup within John Hancock – with teams in San Francisco and Boston – and work closely with a team of experienced strategy, marketing, legal and operations executives to make Twine a reality.

The fact that we are supported by such a large and established company is rare and powerful.

It gives us the ability to focus deeply on building a product that improves our customers lives – without compromising trustworthiness.

We don’t sell any John Hancock investment products nor do we have any pressure to do so.

We don’t need to help boost an existing business. Our sole mandate is to build a product that customers love – and that unites our team with a shared vision and energy that we feel is truly unique.

It also means that our customers always have someone to call if they need more information, and enable customers to save for their smallest to most ambitious goals using Twine – safely and securely.

Our Launch

We’re excited to launch Twine today – check it out on the Apple App Store.

Our first version is available exclusively for iOS users and their partners. We look forward to expanding to web and Android in the future.

We view Twine as a living, breathing thing that will keep improving over time – and your feedback and thoughts help make this happen.

I’d love to hear what you liked best about the product and what you want to see in the future. Most of all, thanks for coming on this journey with us.

Save for what matters.

Try Twine