Introducing the First-Ever Twine Wedding Goal

Due to overwhelming demand from Twine users, we created our first-ever Twine Wedding goal.

Twine Wedding Goal

Twine Wedding Goal

With Twine’s new Wedding goal, it’s now easier than ever for couples to save and invest in their big day.

This will be our eighth “goal type”, providing Twine users with more flexibility to choose and save for the goals that matter most:

– Wedding [NEW!]

– Kids

– Emergency Savings

– General Savings

– Large Purchase

– Vacation

– New Home

– Custom

Fun facts about Twine Wedding goal users:

– Almost half of Twine users used the Twine Custom goal to save for their wedding.   

– Twine users with Wedding goals are great savers! They tend to have the highest recurring weekly deposits, and are more active in session numbers.

The new Twine Wedding goal will feature custom portfolios (built around the details of the special day) and all of the planning and collaboration tools that make Twine a smarter way to save.

Download the Twine app to open your new Wedding goal today.

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